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H&S Hotels is a visually striking mixed-use high-rise that rises 17 floors above the Gulberg III cityscape and is destined to become the most sought-after lifestyle destination in Lahore incorporating a very luxury shopping mall at a very centralized location in Gulberg III on Noor Jehan Road, Lahore. It has been a huge success because of its elegant surroundings, attractive décor, modern design, double height retail outlets, and branded space. Additionally, prestigious investors and local retail brands have taken notice of the H&S Hotels' commercial attributes and how it is going to boost their brand and revenues be it by means of

H&S Hotels by H&S is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities and is one of the most sought after investment opportunities across Pakistan and particularly in Lahore. H&S Hotels offers an opportunity for investors to generate a higher rental income. Investors can consider investing in H&S hotels by looking at the following key factors: - The hotel's location and proximity to major population centers - The hotel's occupancy rate - The number of rooms and suites available - The size of the property Location is one of the most important factors for investors. Generally, hotels in high demand areas will be able to offer a higher

High-rise buildings are a new trend in the construction industry and are becoming a part of the skyline in every major city. The H&S Hotels project is a tall, high-rise building that will be built in Lahore, Pakistan. The H&S Hotel project is a 5-star hotel development and is going to be one of the magnificent buildings in Pakistan and particularly in Lahore. It will also have more than 400 rooms and suites. This hotel will offer stunning views from its rooftop restaurant and has a dedicated 5 floors for a luxurious shopping mall. This magnificent project by H&S is the fastest

Pakistan is a developing country with an emerging economy. It has been experiencing a rapid economic growth in recent years, which has led to an increased demand for commercial investment opportunities. OLM is the most lucrative commercial investment opportunity in Pakistan and it offers the most profitable return on investment. OLM by H&S is not just a common mall, it is a magnificent 5-star luxury shopping mall that will change luxury shopping concept in Lahore and overall in Pakistan by providing quality and world class amenities. If you looking for retail or commercial investment opportunity that has the potential multifold your investment,

When it comes to investment, always look for an investment that offers the best and more than other available options in the market. In the case of real estate investment, right now in Lahore, such a lucrative investment that offers incredible benefits to its investors and buyers is H&S Hotels and OLM. H&S Hotels offers a 14-day free stay every calendar year as an extra bonus to its investor and buyers. In this age of digital innovation and advancement, we are surrounded by a vast amount of advertisements digitally and traditionally. All these advertisements are to make our minds believe in something

In this age of information and data, people find vast options of opportunities for investment here and abroad. However, not every opportunity is a good one, and therefore, sometime an apparently good-looking opportunity could turn out to be the worse one ever for your business and career. Therefore, we have today decided to get you what is the right investment in Pakistan’s real estate sector. Make sure to go through this blog attentively or at least skim through our heading to find the most lucrative or in other words the right decision for your investment for higher returns. Some investors do investment

The year 2022 has seen a great revolution in the real estate market worldwide, especially in Pakistan’s real estate sector which is further rejuvenating and revolutionizing the infrastructure developments to bring more comfort and convenience. In such a scenario, H&S is playing a crucial role in redefining the luxury stay and a unique shopping experience by introducing luxury hotel rooms and retail outlets to its valuable investors and buyers. The future of luxury is rapidly changing due to the boost in luxury real estate developments in Pakistan. H&S Hotels and OLM by H&S real estate offers a unique experience for investors, buyers,

H&S HOTELS TAKE INNOVATION AND UNDERSTATED LUXURY TO NEW HEIGHTS. The first hotel in Pakistan with furnishings built by well-known designers has raised the bar for the popular hotel chain and established Lahore as a new tourist attraction. The hotel provides guests with 5-star facilities and a selection of rooms and suites created with total relaxation in mind. The H&S Hotels particularly stand out for their kind welcome and creative staff. We are undoubtedly living in the Age of Information. There are several websites with plenty of information that all claim to provide the greatest financial advice available. But how can you tell whom to

At Liberty Market, one of Lahore's most Instagrammable locations, OLM meets European-style shopping. From edgy fashion boutiques to trendy streetwear, shoppers can find it all. Beautiful views of the wide corridors that are perfectly lighted and open squares create an eclectic atmosphere. In one of Pakistan's largest malls, there are fantastic family-friendly activities for every type of tourist and shopper. Over 150 retailers can be found here, including department stores and high-street favorites, all under one enormous roof. Luxury brands have found a home in Fashion Avenue, a specialized area of the mall that is well-liked by fans of couture. OLM, home

When it comes to rental property investment, you should be far more careful than with any other investment since it could be your last investment if not properly planned and decided. For higher success in such investment opportunities, there are a number of variables and factors. Luckily, an individual, either an investor or a buyer, has the ability to control most of these necessary factors. In order to maximize your returns on rental property investment, there are some important areas that we will get you through in this blog to make sure you get the best investment that promises higher

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