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A New Perspective on Fast and Efficient High-Rise Building Construction in Lahore

Highlights of H&S Hotels

A New Perspective on Fast and Efficient High-Rise Building Construction in Lahore – H&S Hotels

High-rise buildings are a new trend in the construction industry and are becoming a part of the skyline in every major city. The H&S Hotels project is a tall, high-rise building that will be built in Lahore, Pakistan.

The H&S Hotel project is a 5-star hotel development and is going to be one of the magnificent buildings in Pakistan and particularly in Lahore. It will also have more than 400 rooms and suites. This hotel will offer stunning views from its rooftop restaurant and has a dedicated 5 floors for a luxurious shopping mall.

This magnificent project by H&S is the fastest construction development project in Lahore which will be handed over to the owners and investors within 18 months only, and thus it is the most lucrative investment opportunity right now available in the investment market.

Introducing a New Concept to the Market by H&S Hotels & OLM

H&S Hotels & OLM by H&S is a hotel and shopping mall ongoing construction development in Lahore that has become the most sought after investment opportunity by most of the local and overseas investors across Pakistan.

H&S wants to introduce a new development concept to the market, where people and investor will benefit from it accordingly. The first five floor of this elegant development is dedicated to One Liberty Mall, a heaven for shopper lovers to enjoy and upgrade their style according to their taste.

And above the OLM is the first ever 5-star luxurious hotel that offers a unique stay, world class amenities as well as rooftop facilities that you will not find it anywhere else across the country.

Construction Updates

H&S Hotels is a leading hospitality group of Hotels by H&S with over 50 years of experience and expertise. H&S has been continuously updating their construction projects in order to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The grey structure of H&S Hotels is already completed. This project is designed in a such a manner that is going to be a synonym for magnificent and luxury. This magnificent project is going to be handed over to the investors within 18 months from now.

Thus, if you are looking for the best investment opportunity that can guarantees higher returns on your investment and will consequently bring higher rental income, H&S Hotels and OLM is the best opportunity right now in the investment market to avail.

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