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New and appealing housing styles have emerged as a result of the real estate sector’s explosive expansion after the Covid19 outbreak, attracting both domestic and foreign investment in Pakistan. Moreover, the carefully constructed housing societies in Pakistan are offering a luxurious lifestyle on a budget and are supportive of ecological practices that are becoming more and more popular. All of these changes have led to a significant shift in real estate investment from plots to high-rising and other green housing developments, opening the door for innovative and well-designed property trends that will modernize the cities of Pakistan. Let’s look into the housing

The boutique hotel gained attention during the last few years, but it is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for ages serving the hospitality industry. But there has been a sharp increase in its demand lately. It tabled to the concept of relaxed and comfortable life never experienced before. It allows the resident to have a more personalized experience, which is rare in the hospitality industry. It ensures an extra dose of luxury and convenience. It is quite a rare phenomenon in Pakistan, and H&S brought the first boutique hotel to Pakistan. Lahore is known for its rich

Luxury is one of the most critical attributes the homeowners prefer when opting for an apartment lifestyle. It is more subjective and depends on the resident's preferences and priorities. At the same time, different attributes can establish a residential project as luxurious. H&S Hotel Apartments claims to be the personification of luxury. It is rated a ground-breaking project which will redefine terms such as comfort, luxury, creativity, elegance, and safety. It is crafted around the novel concept of resort-style living, which promises an unprecedented, cozy, hassle-free life. An array of five-star amenities with captivating interior and majestic exterior promises a premium

A boutique hotel feels small, quaint, and intimate. Ideally, it is less than 100 rooms offering guests ultra-personal service. It is lavish, but according to the local culture. the hotel offers elegant but minimalist décor with a primary focus a lifestyle and related amenities. These hotels give customized services, representing the style and personality of the owner, entrepreneur, or designer. Boutique hotels are small, but it is the next big thing in the hospitality industry, giving big hotels a run for their money. H&S brings the first Boutique Luxury Hotel in Pakistan. The seventeen floors hospitality wonder has everything one may

The board of investment and trade in Pakistan has shed light on the importance of the hotel industry in Pakistan. The industry needs to be flourished with supporting policies in order to promote tourism of the country. However, the pandemic has affected the industry of Pakistan just like the rest of the world. The industry has sustained a lot of economic setbacks due to the outbreak. There are other issues such as lack of standardization and complicated processes in the country which are an impediment to the growth and development of the hotel industry. But the potential of tourism is

The hotel management industry is a diverse service. It needs to incorporate all the segments of hotel management. These include housekeeping, accounting, catering, hotel administration and marketing. The hotel management industry had started in the 17th century when the American business owners used inns for travelers. However, as time went by the needs of the travelers and guests became complex and varied. The hotel management industry became a lot more expensive since the travelers were willing to pay more in exchange of better facilities and a lot of luxurious services. Luxury became a thing associated with the hotel management industry. At

When we look at sustainable development then we have to keep the perspective of energy consumption as our prime focus. The hospitality industry far exceeds the energy consumption per capita. Therefore, leading to more carbon emissions. If the goal is to generate fewer CO2 emissions, then we will have to go for cleaner technologies. This is something that will require a lot of policy intervention, international cooperation, and treaties in trade. Most importantly, the effort will need to be steered by the owners of hotel businesses. Unlike most of the sectors in the world, the hotel industry is mostly under

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