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All You Need to Know about H&S Hotels

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All You Need to Know about H&S Hotels Lahore

The boutique hotel gained attention during the last few years, but it is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for ages serving the hospitality industry. But there has been a sharp increase in its demand lately. It tabled to the concept of relaxed and comfortable life never experienced before. It allows the resident to have a more personalized experience, which is rare in the hospitality industry. It ensures an extra dose of luxury and convenience. It is quite a rare phenomenon in Pakistan, and H&S brought the first boutique hotel to Pakistan. Lahore is known for its rich culture, tasty cuisine, beautiful garden, state-of-the-art urban life, and communication. H&S Hotels is a gateway to all of Lahore’s glory. The article has all you need to know about H&S Hotels, Lahore.

Pakistan’s First Boutique Hotel

Pakistan generally and Lahore specifically has a lot to offer to the world. We need a wholesome effort to showcase it to the world. Investing in the hospitality industry can be the first and most critical step. H&S, the real estate giant from UAE, arrived in Pakistan with the ambition to transform the real estate in Pakistan. Moreover, showcase the best side of Pakistan globally. H&S Hotels is a giant step forward. The first boutique hotel will promise the guest a home away from home with an extra dose of comfort and luxury.

Why Lahore?

Lahore has a unique ambiance and culture. Its food is known for its distinct flavor and taste. The people are warm and hospitable. Considered one of the major tourist attractions, Lahore is an ideal destination for H&S Hotels. With us, you can experience the best of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, Lahore.

Affordable Luxury

H&S believes investing in property should be hassle-free and affordable. It should be according to people’s financial preferences and limitations. H&S showcases the concept of affordable luxury. Therefore our products are well within reach of a wider customer base. Like our other projects, H&S Hotels has something for everyone. The price starts from PKR 9,475,200. For the first time in Pakistan, you can pay 75% during construction and 25% on handover. Owners can avail of up to 50% Discount on F&B outlets across all H&S Hotels. Moreover, you can enjoy a 14-day free stay every calendar year.

H&S Hotels Rooms Personify Grandeur

With special emphasis on elegance, creativity, and innovation, H&S Hotels rooms personify majesty. The rooms have perfect ventilation and adequate light, which refresh your stay. The interior design and layout are selected keeping functionality in mind. The combination of wood, marble, and glass gives a soothing effect. Moreover, the rooms have premium-grade superior furnishings. You can choose from:

  • Deluxe Room
  • Superior Room
  • Executive Suite
  • Executive Room
  • Premier Suite

Rooftop Dining

Our rooftop dining is a wow factor. You will remember dining with us for a long time. You can enjoy your food with fresh air and beautiful weather. The range of cuisine will complement the desire for different flavors and tastes.

Gym & Yoga Studio

H&S Hotels Gym & Yoga Studio is well equipped and managed by skilled professionals. Special emphasis is made on equipment, space design, and layout. Moreover, we aim to create an environment of motivation and creativity. It is particularly important when you want to lose a little weight and gain muscle. We aim to develop their fitness community.

Spa and Sauna

H&S Hotels offers you an Ultra-Pampering Spa and Sauna Experience. Our Spa and Sauna are designed to Optimised Energy. Our Spa and Sauna will help you with distress, refresh, revive and relax.

Conference Room

H&S Hotels conference rooms are well equipt and comfortable. It is spacious enough for a wide range of audiences.

Prayer Room

H&S Hotels tranquil Prayer Room will complement your spiritual and religious experience. The prayer room can be attributed as peaceful, calm, and serene.

Executive Lounge

The executive lounge premises are ideal for sitting, relaxing, working, conducting a meeting, or entertaining guests. H&S Hotel’s Executive Lounge is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

24/7 Room Service & Concierge

We are always a phone call away. We are here to serve you with excellence 24/7.

Private Car Park and Valet Car Park

H&S Hotels valet parking ensures outstanding customer service. With a team of highly skilled professionals, you can count on our talents behind the wheels.

Swimming Pools for Kids + Adults

The H&S Hotels swimming pool is performance-oriented, focusing on usability without compromising its beauty.

In the nutshell

H&S Hotel is greedy to transform the hospitality industry. Being the first boutique hotel, it enjoys clients’ and investors’ attention. If you want to experience the services aligned with the international standards, feel free to call or text for a prompt response.

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