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Housing Trends in Pakistan

Housing Trends in Pakistan

New and appealing housing styles have emerged as a result of the real estate sector’s explosive expansion after the Covid19 outbreak, attracting both domestic and foreign investment in Pakistan. Moreover, the carefully constructed housing societies in Pakistan are offering a luxurious lifestyle on a budget and are supportive of ecological practices that are becoming more and more popular.

All of these changes have led to a significant shift in real estate investment from plots to high-rising and other green housing developments, opening the door for innovative and well-designed property trends that will modernize the cities of Pakistan.

Let’s look into the housing trends that Pakistani estate investors and development sector players have enthusiastically embraced;

  • High-rise structures
  • Affordable Housing Programs
  • Gated Communities
  • Villa-style Residences
  • Mixed-use Construction

High-Rise Structures

As a consequence of new rules that promoted the construction of high-rise structures being released by the development authorities in all major cities of Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi), a number of skyscrapers are currently being built in each of these cities.

Engineers, architects, and other professionals in the development and construction industries can also benefit from this trend as the high-rise structures call for specialized knowledge and carefully thought-out design plans.

These towers are particularly well-liked by millennial customers, who are increasingly opting to live in flats rather than houses since they are more cost-effective and easier to maintain. If you are looking for the best opportunity to invest in a high-rise structure, Autograph by H&S is the best option available right now.

Mixed-use Construction

It’s another growing tendency in Pakistan to merge commercial, residential, and even corporate properties to create mixed-use neighborhoods.

The reason behind the growth in the popularity of this trend is as a result of the convenience of having shopping centers, entertainment, amenities, and workplace all in one location. Customers are drawn to the design because of its ease in their increasingly hectic everyday lives.

Lahore now boasts the most mixed-use structures so far, and more are being planned for the future. Check out OLM and H&S Hotels in Gulberg, Liberty Market, and Lahore.

Affordable/Low-cost Housing Programs

Another housing trend in Pakistan is the one that has been introduced by Imran khan, the ex-prime minister of Pakistan, who launched the NPHP (Naya Pakistan Housing Project) to address Pakistan’s housing shortfall and rising demographic imbalance.

The government intends to build five million housing units as part of this initiative, which will offer low to middle-income households, affordable accommodation. To increase dwelling units for this project, a pre-fabricated house facility has also been constructed.

These residences will be constructed at the factory before being relocated to the desired locations. According to the state, foreign contractors from number of nations, notably Saudi Arabia, Qatar, China, and Turkey, have shown their interest in this project.

Gated Communities

Gated communities have become another housing trend due to the popularity of the Bahria Towns and DHAs which have sprung up throughout Pakistan. Nowadays, a gated community is virtually a part of a new housing society that is currently being built. A gated community’s 24/7 security and safety offered by authorized staff is one of its most alluring features.

Furthermore, because these communities are so meticulously planned, there are a lot of leisure facilities nearby, as well as amenities like parks, shopping centers, parks, restaurants, and even libraries.

Villa-style Residences

Nowadays, more and more emerging housing developments are including villa-style homes in their master plans because of their growing popularity in Pakistan.

This housing trend offers an opulent and luxurious way of life without breaking the wallet to the residents.

Furthermore, these houses connect people to first-rate services and amenities and are decorated with large layouts and modern finishes. Because luxury has never been this much accessible and affordable as it is today.

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