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Hotels & Sustainable Development

Hotels & Sustainable Development

When we look at sustainable development then we have to keep the perspective of energy consumption as our prime focus. The hospitality industry far exceeds the energy consumption per capita. Therefore, leading to more carbon emissions. If the goal is to generate fewer CO2 emissions, then we will have to go for cleaner technologies. This is something that will require a lot of policy intervention, international cooperation, and treaties in trade. Most importantly, the effort will need to be steered by the owners of hotel businesses. Unlike most of the sectors in the world, the hotel industry is mostly under the landed elite of the world.

Did you know that Marriott is actually a real estate company? This means that the real estate sector can lead the cause of sustainable development. It is also due to the fact that real estate is a well-organized sector that has a corporate structure. But many nay Sayers would have suspicions about the neo-liberal mindset that exists in most corporate organizations.

However, the reality is different since green technology is actually a way to address the business mindset. This will allow more business owners to embrace the idea due to the following reasons:

⦁ Utility savings will generate more profit
⦁ Futuristic investment options
⦁ Increased value of the property
⦁ Sustainable energy supply

Sustainable development has become a global agenda due to the intervention of the United Nations, launched in 2015. That is why it has become the preference of the masses. The tourism industry has benefited a lot since people want to go for eco-tourism now. Hotels can also benefit from this new shift.

The sustainable development goals of the United Nations can be incorporated into the main stream hotel industry as strategies in the following ways:

⦁ Different departments of the industry can pool their efforts to commit to SDGs.
⦁ Stakeholders engagement is also another strategy to prioritize this policy.
⦁ Developing Key Performance Indicators is also very important. They need to be placed on high priority just as public safety regulations.
⦁ Creating awareness about the SDGs by the corporate companies.


The global agenda of sustainable development has a lot of importance for the eco system. In a world where the population has exceeded 7 billion, we are faced with the challenge of not only generating more resources but also preserving the existing ones. Hotel industry is the leading sector in hospitality and it can also create a huge impact towards sustainable development goals.

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